Mar, 2015

Inspect Your Roof for Spring Season

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With spring season around the corner, adding maintenance to your roof to your spring cleaning checklist can be beneficial. Spring season is a perfect time to do a roof checkup and other basic maintenance to care for damage your roof may have occurred during the winter season. Roof inspections can prevent expensive repairs and prevent health hazards.

A few things to look for while checking roof maintenance include:

Inspect your attic for signs of water or mold that can indicate a leak. View areas near skylights, vents and chimneys

Inspect shingles that are missing or cracked these will need to be repaired as soon as possible

Inspect for loose flashing – flashing should be secure, this prevents water from leaking underneath shingles

Inspect gutters and downspouts – your gutter system should maintain a freely flow. Make sure to clean out gutters from leaves and other debris and check for rusty sections.

Contact Lamonica Roofing to schedule a roof inspection or call for a free estimate.

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