Feb, 2015

How to Detect If Your Roof Maybe Damaged or Collapsing

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The recent storms in Boston will change the way we view winter weather in Massachusetts for a very long time. Although a roof covered with snow can seem beautiful in the winter, it can also cause serious damage when not handled correctly.

Excessive weight on your roof can weaken the structure and cause attic flooding, roof rotting and damage inside your home.

Signs of roof collapsing:

  • Severe roof leaks
  • Walls start to crack inside your home, office or business
  • Doors beginning to pop open on their own
  • Sagging roof

You can properly remove snow from roof by using a shovel or a roof rake. Start from the edge and work your way up with downward strokes.

If you detect any roof damages or feel you roof will collapse contact AA Lamonica Construction offers commercial and industrial roofing services including full installations, maintenance and repairs

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