Jan, 2015

Clogged Gutters in the Winter Time

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Winter season is officially here and if you are from New England you know what that means? Snow fall, blizzards, mixed rain/ice heavy rain and wind can cause clogged gutters and damage your home during the winter months.  Gutters can get clogged by leaves, dirt or dust it can slow the drainage off your roof causing wall and ceiling damage.  Ice buildup can also be a cause clogged gutters damaging the interior of your home and may also cause slippage in walkways.

It is important to maintain your gutters free from clutter, AA Lamonica Roofing offers gutter installation and repair services to residents in Massachusetts. We fabricate and install all types of gutters. We believe it is important to have the appropriate gutter and downspout system installed on your building to prevent drips that cause structural damage of time to the walls or foundation.

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